Seidougha Linus Eyimiegha

Having studied Fine Art at Delta State University, Nigeria, Multi-Media artist Linus Eyimiegha has dedicated his professional endeavours to fuelling the art industry in Nigeria. With the intention to help young adults interact and appreciate art from their locality, he focuses primarily on creating art that is informed by his surroundings. 


Eyimiegha’s work is influenced by the consumption of popular culture, particularly the geometric traits of local art forms and how contemporary designs are consumed by them. 


In the Danfo series, he makes reference to the symbolic motifs attached to the Lagos “Danfo” buses. Through the use of divergent colours and geometric shapes reminiscent in the designs of African popular culture, he is able to re-enact the energy and characteristics that derive from these motifs.

Eyimiegha’s pieces have since been included in several publications and private collections.