Having studied fine art at Yaba college of Technology in Lagos State, Nigeria, Uthman Wahaabs' work is influenced by post colonialism and in particular, the ‘Black identity crisis’ which he uses the male figure to further analyse and ultimately create a new visual language.


“To free oneself from the bondage of backwardness and the debilitating legacies of colonialism, one must take matters into ones hands and not rely on the charity of external forces” Uthman Wahaab


Serving as his own model, the “Hybrid theory’ series raises several rhetorical questions pertaining to self identity and specifically, the inability for Africans to apply themselves to certain mechanism of modernisation.


In utilising Garden shears as a tool in the series and stripping the male body to the vulnerable state of nudity, Wahaab encourages Africans to embrace the western ideals of growth and development in society; whilst paying homage to African history and identity.

Wahaab’s work has been exhibited in Art Tafeta gallery in London, United kingdom as well as the infamous 1:54 Art fair in New York, 2018.