Floor One 9

Contemporary Art x Contemporary Design . Africa .

Where. What. Why. When. Who.

Art Twenty One in Lagos, Nigeria. The first location for Floor One 9 will showcase how the cultures from the different countries on the continent can be celebrated through interiors shaped by contemporary Art and Design.

What is “African” art and “African” design?

Art Twenty One will be the first space, whose floor we have chosen to transform in order to show the powerful relationship between Art and Design.
If Art is for expression and Design for communication - the combination of the two can only lead to a powerful statement.
How can we create interiors that use both Art and Design to celebrate one another.

Because Africa is multifaceted, plentiful, and burgeoning with ideas and talent.
And - always - for the love of Lagos.

October 2019 to March 2020.

The artists and designers have been carefully selected, many have been fully involved in the concept, and all plan to continuously collaborate and add to the project. We also hope to add to the list as we are already talking to different designers on pieces to add to these ever evolving “spaces” and “interiors within the space.


October 26, 2019