Other-Worldly: A solo exhibition by Michael Enejison | in collaboration with RSVP Lagos

25 May - 30 July 2021

"This project is my embrace of the audacity and responsibility placed on the artist to dream and transport the audience into an alternative realm of imagination" - Michael Enejison

Michael Enejison is a self-taught abstract & mixed media artist whose raw compositions delineate a variety of ecosystems within the human race. From studying Geology at the University of Technology, Minna, his interest in environmental sciences manifests itself in his artistic practices as a form of social activism. Enejisons art combines culture, civilization and the natural environment. With the use of mixed media using visual devices of texts, decollage, tactility and print, this body of work explores narratives of native orthographies, scripts and texts of African origin–such as N’ko, Mandombe, and Nsibidi.

Enejison was listed as finalist in the National Art Competition (2015) and the Sterlingbank/British Council Recycle Art competition(2017). He was also part of the curatorial team of the inaugural Lagos Biennial.


Art Twenty One & RSVP Lagos are proud to present Other-Worldly, a solo exhibition by Michael Enejison. Fusing visual arts and culture from the continent of Africa, we invite guests to immerse themselves in Enejisons visceral art collection while enjoying the diverse culinary experiences at RSVP.


Opening hours: Monday – Sunday | 11am – 11pm


Location: RSVP Lagos | 9 Eletu Ogabi St, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria


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Installation Views