Odun Orimolade: Odun Orimolade

4 April - 10 June 2014

Predominantly, I continue to be pre occupied with an overlapping, porous, layered and intertwined presence of realities through time and space all at once, one and the same without distinctions or alternates and the influences and the evidences of existence in it. In this all things are present, cyclical and actual whether tangible or not finding or focusing on the ethereality, life, spirit and/or energy of the issue or subject that is of focus. This permits a myriad of investigations into a plethora of possibilities. To this I strive to generate an archive of the unseen in imagesof the constantly present intangible.

I reach to harness a filter between what is termed ‘factual’ and ‘fictional’ for the promulgation of a singularity of existences. This is with a view that does not separate physiognomy from the intangible or invisible. It is of a view that they are assessed and recognized by the physical reaction that manifests their presence. There are a myriad of analogies that attest to this discourse. They may be assessed through our senses, emotions, perceptions, cognition even beliefs not to mention the highly microscopic spheres of actual physiognomy and our association with cosmology and the environment we are in contact with. These diffusing realities have tangible manifestations of their existence and are also supported by a wealth of accumulating archive of documentation in images. Through our senses we connect emotion, which is an arguing point of how the presentation of our reactions attests to the actuality of our connection to these energies or existences. We cannot see or touch the air but we feel it.

We take account and can follow the progress of developing these innumerable aspects of our existence beginning from the point of the unknown, there is the travel through a mass of information that returns us right back to the point of the unknown. It becomes difficult to question the unseen other than to begin the cycle of research again.

I try to machinate emotional intensity and spiritual reaction through an exploration of the biomorphic, flowing figurative and abstract modes. In a mix of curious microcosms of recognizable image fragments in unrecognizable contexts so to speak. In this I blend generative, degenerative and regenerative tendencies as a force of energy reprising with all states of consciousness and tangibility.

In my exploration find alignment in my visualizations with the open possibilities in Yoruba world view, this of which is a continuing process. 

 I have grown continuously aware of and intrigued by my and our humanity and mortality which I find a strange mix with the plausibility of our plurality and circle of existence. I look at how this plausibility can be a functional and integral component of the human state and affect the impact of, reaction to and negotiation of our environment in its various ramifications.

Installation Views